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Science Park Exploration Museum

Science Park Exploration Museum Come and Explore!

The Science Park Exploration Museum, established in 2007 by the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, was originally a first generation factory until its conversion into a modern exhibit. Science Park Exploration Museum’s mission is to explore where science met industry and the modern world began, and to understand the impact that technology and innovation continues to have on all our lives. Would you like to know more about the park? Come and explore!

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At the first floor, Exhibit contains “The Innovation Award Section” annual competition for the most innovative products of the year. The Bureau wants to encourage the tenant companies to be involved more in R&D in order to make more competitive products. Among the winning products are some with the most practical applications, such as the spinal fixation from Wiltrom which can help doctor locate the exact spot of operation.
We have 3D-MAMEC (Multiple- Aperture Measurement+Eye+ Capture) Sub- System-EX8038.
It employs 3D Natural-Light AI-Vision IC Technologies, which can capture an object’s 3D depth-map under a natural light source, even under low light or in full darkness conditions.
To be internationally recognized for our creative exploration of how science, innovation and industry created and sustain modern society.



This gallery traces the growth of industry in the 1960s, accounts for this Park’s establishment and details its vigorous development into one of the most prominent industrial centers in the world. It also contains a technological exhibit containing key products representative of the six industries of the park.An extended high-tech industry display with labels such as different camera modules from Etron, products special designed for online games from Logitech, and the Atmospheric Robot, wafer handling solution provider from Rorze which is used in tsmc’s factory.  Here are some more products updated frequently depending on the latest arrivals, Wanna see some latest products? Come and explore!



Last but not least, we display the history of Science Park with a detailed timeline and there’s a short film which you can trace back to the very beginning of Science Park.


Guided Tour

We accept group reservation within 40 people. Reservation must be booked a week ahead. The museum opens from Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00.


For Information:
Tel: +886-3-577-3311 ext.1720,1721
For Reservations:
Tel:+886-3-577-3311 ext.2223, 2224
Address: No.1, Keji 5th Rd., Hsinchu City
Hours: 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday, free for visits.
Closed on Weekends and National Holidays